Saturday, November 10, 2012

8x8 Recipe Card

This is an 8x8 recipe card.  The recipe is on the back.  I'm making this one for my sister.  The Baked French Toast Recipe is to die for.  If you'd like it...please leave me a comment and I'll post it.  I hope you've liked all the projects I've posted.  I'll be back in a week or so to post the remainder of the ones that I'm working on for Christmas.  There will be lots more coming so keep coming back.  Happy crafting to all and as always...thanks for looking


Paper Pumpkins

Here are some of the sweet little pumpkins that I made for the Fall Swap.  I love these little guys.  Finished project is about the size of a baseball.  Here's the link for the tutorial that I used to make these.  I have a leaf punch and that's what I used for the leaves.  I cut thin strips of paper and twirled them around a pencil to make the vines.  The stem is just a thick piece of cardstock cut out and glued down with the glue gun.  I hope that you're enjoying all the new projects as much as I've enjoyed sharing them with you all.

Fall Blocks

I made these out of wooden blocks.  They were also for the Fall Swap that I was in.  I loved making these and plan to make a set for my daughter.  She has been after me to make several things for her before Christmas.  She has no idea that most of her gifts are going to be handmade this year.  She's going to love, love, love the ideas that I've come up with for her.  I'll keep posting pictures as the projects are done and I have time to take and download the pics.  Sometimes I get so busy at the craft table that the whole day disappears before I realize that I've been sitting there that long.  I love crafting...

Fall Leaf Wreath

This is a wreath that I made for the Fall Swap.  It was a few bags of leaves and a double layer of cardstock cut into the letter "P".  I really enjoyed making these for her.  She's a great gal and she made me some very exciting things for this swap so I was happy to return the favor. 

Fall Scrapbook Layout

I made this Scrapbook Layout for a Sister in a Fall Swap.  I'm not a big Scrapper so this was a little outside my comfort zone.  But I love the way it turned out.  Note the little squirrel in both pages.  He's my favorite!  I love that little guy and I've used him on several projects.  Hope you like it!

Shirt & Tie Card

I just love these Shirt & Tie Cards.  They are very easy to make.  I got the directions from a youtube video.

Here's the link.  You'll love it!  She's very easy to follow.  I made several and will post pictures of the others when I have time to take more photos.

Oval Christmas Tags

Christmas Tags.  I'm making lots of different designs and will keep posting as they are done.  I embossed the leaves and handmade the flowers.  I love how they turned out.  Hope you like them too!

Keurig Coffee Sample Box

I was out shopping one afternoon and ran into the math teacher from our High School.  She was looking for coffee for her Keurig.  I told her that I often order mine right from Keurig because they have so many flavor options.  She said she was looking for something that was coffee but had more flavor.  My favorite is Wild Mountain Blueberry so the next time I ordered some for me I ordered her a sample box of it to try out.  Well, I can't just send it in the box it came in so I made this one for her!  She loved it!

Welcome Banner White on White

Special Occasion Card Holder Banner

I'm doing the 12 Days of Christmas with my Sister.  We're each making 12 different projects that we're going to swap on Dec. 1st.  This one is for the 1st Day of Christmas.  We had to make something with a bird on it.  This is a card holder each pocket is going to have a card for a special occasion for her to open on her special days.  I'm making her a Valentine's Day Card, Birthday Card, Easter Card & Mother's Day Card to go into each pocket.  I'll post pictures of those when I'm done.  Each will be in an envelope marked "Do Not Open Till..."  I can't wait to send her all her special little gifts.  Hope you enjoy!

Advent Calendar/Banner Boxes

The directive for this one was to create a banner but my Secret Sister wanted an Advent Calendar so I went with  Advent Calendar/Banner Boxes.  I'm going to fill them with some little sweet treats for her little one.  Hope she likes them. 

Beach Birthday Card

The directive was to create a birthday card that had a swimming theme.  I didn't think I could do a pool so this is what I came up with.  I was pretty happy with it after several drafts went into the garbage.  Hope you like it.

Bonnet Boxes

Hi to all~
As you'll see...I've been a very busy bee lately.  I've got so many projects that I'm so excited about sharing with you all.  Here are some of the bonnet boxes that I've been working hard on.  I love these and can't wait to share them with several of my little nieces/goddaughter's and some of my best friends' little ladies.  I'm so excited.  I hope they love them as much as I love making them for each one of them.  Hope you enjoyed seeing them, too.  As always...thanks for looking