Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Thank You Cards

I've loaded up on Thank You Cards.  I'll be continuing to make them periodically but I'm moving on to making Feel Better Soon and Hope You're Doing Well cards.  I hope you have enjoyed seeing the things I'm doing now.  I'm also going to start using all  the Maggie's on some cards and other projects so look for those in the next couple of weeks.  As always...thanks for looking :)


Maggie ~ Get well soon

Used one of the Maggie's that I colored to make this Get Well Soon card.  I'm hoping to bring a little sunshine to the person that gets it.  She's one of my favorites.  Does anyone know her "name"?  I'd love to buy the actual stamp.  I think I stamped this while I was at my sister's and I can't remember what her name is.  I wanted to add more bling but then decided that I didn't want to overdo it!  :)

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Butterfly Thank You

Another Thank You card.  Hope you enjoyed looking.  Thanks for stopping by!

Wedding~ Small but Lovely

I made the invitations.  They were simple but elegant.
 This is the corsage for the Mother of the Groom.  I tried to keep it small but small is not really my thing.  I love wedding's and flowers are my favorite.
 This is the Groom's boutonniere. 
Best Man's boutonniere. 

Favor boxes that will have little flowers and ribbon on top at the wedding but didn't want to squash in shipping.  :)
 This is the Bride's bouquet. 

 This is the Maid of Honor's bouquet.
Small bouquet for her to throw.  I did the whole thing in just a few days.  I love small, simple, elegant weddings.  So sweet and quaint!  Can't wait to do another soon!

Cards, Cards and more Cards

I have been busy making several Thank You cards, as well.  I've really enjoyed making these and will be making more soon.  I will keep posting as I get more done.  Thanks for looking


More Maggie

I have really enjoyed the challenge of coloring and just trying to get better at it!  I love these little ladies.

Coloring More Maggies

I am in love with coloring the Maggies.  I hope you are as well.  Thanks for stopping by!