Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Long day, long week...

It's only Tuesday and I already feel like it's been such a long week.  My husband is out of town for a Manager's Conference.  He's been gone for 3 days...won't be back till Thursday.  I don't know why I've been feeling so out of sorts lately.  Tonight I watched a really sad movie with my daughter and I cried like it was really happening to me.  I've been going through menopause for the last several years, the emotions are so strong sometimes.  I've always been a very emotional person.   When I'm up...I'm up and when I'm down, I'm down.  ....I do have those days that are just normal days but lately they've been fewer and farther between.  I'm beginning to feel like a basket case!  Can anyone else relate, at all? ? ?  I'm like a crazy person.  Up, down, hot, cold.  .....And the hot flashes...the hot flashes at night are making me crazy!  But the worst part is the exhaustion.  I feel like I don't get enough rest no matter how much I rest.  I can't wait to get through this!  I try really hard not to let it get me down.  I started a new workout program yesterday.  I read online that working out is supposed to help you feel less stressed and to help you rest better.  It really worked last night.  I was so exhausted, I was in bed before 10.  I actually slept all night long.  Worked out again today.  Hoping to get more good sleep.  Have a great night and rest of your week, as always, thanks for stopping by


Sunday, January 27, 2013

Saturated Canary Card

On the Cricut MB I also take part in a Saturated Canary Card Swap.  Very similar to the Maggie Swap but instead of different projects each month, we do different styles of cards each month.  For this month we had to make an unusual card.  I would love to tell you what mine is called but for the life of me I just can't remember.  If you've never used Saturated Canary you're missing out on something big....I love her.  Krista Smith is the designer and she's an extremely talented and generous lady.  Just since I've been following her blog in the last several months she's given away 4 of her digi images of these adorable ladies.  I love the one that I used for this card but my favorite is...Rebecca.  If you've not done so before now I strongly urge you to look Saturated Canary up.  You won't be disappointed!  As always, thanks for looking...


Handmade Mardi Gras Mask

I made this for a partner swap.  The project is to alter a plain mask ...My sister is my partner in the swap.  I spent days finding the right embellishments to do this mask as I wanted to make it really special for her.  I got it all done and left it lying on my craft table.  The next morning my grandson got up with my husband before I woke and picked all of the embellishments off of the mask.  I was devastated. :(  I called my sister and she just thought it was a hoot!  Go figure.  I'm now working on a replacement mask and will publish pictures when it's done.  :)

Handmade Sympathy Cards

Normally when I do the card swap I do all of the cards exactly the same.  When I started out doing the swap for this month I printed "With Deepest Sympathy" on one page and started to make all of the cards with the flowers and leaves...(last picture).  When I went to print more of the words my printer ran out of ink...uuuggghhh!!! SO ...I just used my stamp and finished up!  I love the way they all turned out similar but different.  I'm thinking about doing next month's the same way.  Hope you like them as much as I liked making them.

Altered Ticket Strips

I've done these for several swaps and I'm always amazed by how much you can actually put in such a small space.  I've determined that I'll start using them for card making.  But some of them are so lovely and just so darn cute that I hate to take them apart!  But...I have to do it because right now they're just taking up space.  I do love to look at them though ;)
I made these for the "Winter" Swap.  I wanted them to look "icy"...I think they turned out very well. 

These were done for the "LOVE" Swap.  Just in time for Valentine's Day.  Will be using the ones I get in return on some of my Valentine's Cards.  I will post pics of all of them when I finish!  I love making these.

Handmade Valentine's Card

My love for card making will never fade.  I am in a monthly card making swap.  These are the ones I did for Valentine's Day.  I have many more to do for all the lovely ladies in my family!  I will be back later to share them with you!  Enjoy...


Tags & Christmas Chunky Charms

My daughter and I spent an afternoon together making these Chunky Charms.  I swapped them on the Cricut MB with some of the other ladies.  I got 5 in return.  I used them as adornments on each of the girls' stockings.  Some Christmas accessories were just what the stockings needed.  For the boys I hung giant Candy Canes from them.  I loved the way they looked on Christmas morning!

Magnolia Tilda Bag

I'm a member of the Cricut Message Board.  Each month I participate in a Magnolia Tilda swap on the MB.  Basically the hostess decides what project we're going to do and then we have to make that project incorporating Maggie into it.  This month is the one year anniversary of the Maggie Swap.  Our project was to decorate a gift bag.  I was thinking about doing something else and then this just came to me!  I'm sure that happens to everyone.  I wasn't sure how I was going to like it but love the end result.  Hoping that my partner loves it too!  Happy that you stopped by.  Thanks for looking...

Altered Spool

Spool that I altered for a Cricut swap.  I love that butterfly cut.  I knew instantly what I was going to do with the spool.  I used a few Stampin Up punches to do the ovals on the friendship card and the flowers are an EK punch!  I had to think outside of the box for this one.  Next month we are going to alter a mousetrap.  I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with.  I can't wait to see what I come up with ;)  I have no idea what to do with a mouse trap.  Thanks for looking...



Today has been a day of reflections for me.  I'm nearing 46 and feeling like life has just swept by me.  I've done so much and have so much to be thankful for.  I don't know why I still feel like there is so much left to be done.  I pray daily that I live to a ripe old age (like 105)!  I pray that God will grant this prayer because there is still so much left for me to do and see....  I would like to see my children all married with children of their own.  I would love to see all of my girls in a place where their petty differences no longer matter!  This I pray with all my heart.  

My Grandson came to me earlier and made me smile..."Grandma," he said.  "Yes, Benjamin?"
He then says, " I'd like a healthy snack please. "  
"Ok..." I say , "what would you like?"
With a huge toothy grin, he says, "chocolate!"

Well, of course, you know I had to give it to him! I just couldn't deny that adorable little face smiling up at me!

These are the moments of my life that I can't do without.  I would love to have these moments everyday without end.  These are the blessings that are worth more than gold.  There is nothing on earth more valuable than such as this!