Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Long day, long week...

It's only Tuesday and I already feel like it's been such a long week.  My husband is out of town for a Manager's Conference.  He's been gone for 3 days...won't be back till Thursday.  I don't know why I've been feeling so out of sorts lately.  Tonight I watched a really sad movie with my daughter and I cried like it was really happening to me.  I've been going through menopause for the last several years, the emotions are so strong sometimes.  I've always been a very emotional person.   When I'm up...I'm up and when I'm down, I'm down.  ....I do have those days that are just normal days but lately they've been fewer and farther between.  I'm beginning to feel like a basket case!  Can anyone else relate, at all? ? ?  I'm like a crazy person.  Up, down, hot, cold.  .....And the hot flashes...the hot flashes at night are making me crazy!  But the worst part is the exhaustion.  I feel like I don't get enough rest no matter how much I rest.  I can't wait to get through this!  I try really hard not to let it get me down.  I started a new workout program yesterday.  I read online that working out is supposed to help you feel less stressed and to help you rest better.  It really worked last night.  I was so exhausted, I was in bed before 10.  I actually slept all night long.  Worked out again today.  Hoping to get more good sleep.  Have a great night and rest of your week, as always, thanks for stopping by


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