Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Christmas Cards ~ First of Many 2012

If these remind you of the Buttercup Card that's because I used the same basic concept.  I'm making several different versions and these will be used to teach a Christmas Card Collection class.  I'll be posting the red & green Christmas Tree version later today.  Tomorrow I'll be doing a silver & gold Christmas Ornament Version.  I'm thinking of doing a black and white...any suggestions?  I haven't decided how to decorate that one or with what yet.  Still thinking it through. 

10 Heart Rose

I've been browsing around trying to find paper flowers to create and came across a paper rose tutorial.  I made it and it was huge.  I wanted to do something on a smaller scale so I cut out 10 -1 1/2" hearts on my Cricut.  I put this together and then thought something was missing so I add the leaves.  I love it.  Very basic I cut one of the hearts in half to start the center (bud) then went around with the other nine hearts.  I'm going to do lots of them for my daughter's Sweet 16 and we're going to used them to decorate!

Fall Banner

I made this banner for a class I'm teaching at Joann's.  I can't wait to teach my first class.  I've got so many wonderful ideas to share.  I'm going to be doing lots of different things with many difficulty levels.  This one is basic.  Just cutting and pasting mostly.  I did do some of the glitter gluing, some of the embellishments came that way.  I really loved making this one because Fall is my favorite time of year and I can't wait to see it hanging in my home. I'm thinking I'll put it on the wall in the foyer.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Buttercup Card

This is my favorite card.  I made it in a matter of minutes.  I am making these in Pink & Black for my daughter's Sweet 16 invitations and Thank you cards.  I will be creating for the Sweet 16 all this month and when all of the things come together I will post the entire Collection.  Keep watching :)

Tim Holtz Style Tags

These are Tim Holtz Style Tags that I made recently for a "swap" that I'm in.  I love these tags and will be using a version of this technique for some of the Christmas gifts for my family this year.  I'm having a great time using the techniques that I'm learning and incorporating some things of my own into it.  Happy Crafting ...Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

BF's Wedding Vow Renewal

I did these for my friend's Wedding Vow Renewal just a few weeks ago.  Ran up to FL got a hotel room and spent a few days creating things for the WVR. It was a lot of fun.  Will post pics of the ceremony as soon as they are available.  :)

Monday, August 13, 2012

Just For You Cards

I had a lot of fun working on these cards.  I'm a perfectionist, when it comes to my cards I want them to look like a professional did them.  The one with the black bow gave me a little bit of a challenge.  I had to do it several times because the stamps on the top just didn't look right to me when I did them.  I made these for my sister because we were doing a swap together for our birthdays.  The end result was worth the extra effort I put in because she loved them all.

Just For You Cards

These cards were also part of the swap that I did for my sister.  I wanted her to have lots of different cards to choose from so I did them all different with the same basic colors.  Her favorite color is pink so that's where the color choice came from.  I will be posting card that I make with my favorite color (yellow) tomorrow.  Also, you can look forward to lots of teacher gifts that can be used for back to school, teacher appreciation or Christmas teacher gifts.

Thank You Cards

Thank you cards, may just possibly be my favorites.  Did some these to go in a "paint can" for my sister.  She and I filled paint cans with things that were associated with our favorite color.  Her favorite color....Pink!  The black and purple with the little butterfly were done for my daughter's graduation thank you cards.  I also did the graduation announcement and will be posting that soon too.  More to come will be the "groups" that I'm working on for a craft show that I'm hoping to do in the fall.  I will be posting a sneak peek of those later in the month.

Baby Boy Shower

I did this one for a friend's sister.  Her baby shower was in June and we did everything for this in brown & blue with traditional baby stuff.  Diapers, bottles, bibs, rattles, etc.  I'll be posting more pictures from this one.  I really enjoy doing the traditional ones.  I think it's a little more challenging to be as creative.  The diaper bag was placed on the Candy Buffet so that guests could fill it prior to leaving.  It was the "favor". 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Cards from Christmas 2011

These are some of the Christmas cards that I made last year (2011) for my family and friends.  I didn't photograph the ones that I did from the previous 2 years.  I wish I had they were some of my best work.  When I did these my daughter suggested that I take the pictures so that I would know what I send out.  So as I was creating I would make a few then photograph them and then make some more.  I now photograph everything that I create.  This year instead of doing them all different I'm going to do a them with most of the same colors and just make each a little different.  I will be starting those before the end of the month because I want them all done before Thanksgiving this year.  Keep checking back if you're interested to see what design I choose.