Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Cards A2 2012

Here is the beginning of the Christmas Cards for this year.  I've made 20 so far but only managed to get 10 photographed and downloaded to the computer so that I could share them with you.  I'll be back to post more later!  Hope everyone is having a great week.  Thanks for looking


Thursday, December 13, 2012

12th Day of Christmas

The 12th Day of Christmas directive was to create a project using sheet music.  I made this adorable little mini File Folder Holder for my SS and a matching one for her daughter in her favorite color.  I got this from a tutorial on youtube.  If you'd like the link please leave a comment.  I'm making this for my 2 older daughters as a small gift.  They are both living away from home now and I was thinking that they could put old receipts and things like that in there.  I hope you've enjoyed my display of the 12 Days of Christmas as much as I've enjoyed sharing it with you...I hope it gives you the inspiration to make something new and as always, thanks for looking....

Merry Christmas

11th Day of Christmas

The 11th Day of Christmas directive create 2 embellishments ore flowers using ribbons/trim.  So for my SS I made a box and filled it with ribbons of lots of different colors.  For her daughter I made hair ties with ribbon tied around it.  The hair ties were an idea that I got from an outdoor market that I went to in the fall with my daughter and SIL.  I knew that I was going to use this idea as soon as I saw it.  Her daughter has long, beautiful, black hair and her favorite colors are pink and yellow.  She was the Hulk for Halloween so I threw in a little green too because I figured she would love that.  This was a simple and easy project to create.  If you'd like to do it please leave a comment and I'll get you the directions.  Thanks for looking.

10th Day of Christmas

The 10th Day of Christmas directive was to create either 2 male inspired card fronts or a masculine project.  I made this to go along with the 9th Day of Christmas so that the whole family could have this great treat.  Her husband is in the Navy and is often away so I thought what a great way to spend an evening together after coming home.  I love the idea of a family get together and at my house the kids can't wait till it gets cold enough to start a fire and make some s'mores.  It's always a grand event to have the first fire of the season. 

As always, thanks for looking.

9th Day of Christmas

The 9th Day of Christmas directive was to create or alter a purse or bag and fill it with goodies.  I made several bags for day 9 and 10.  I filled each little bag with hot chocolate packages and a s'mores kit.  The s'mores kit included enough graham crackers, chocolate bars and marshmallows to make 4 s'mores each.  I thought it would be a cute thing for the family to do together and I knew she had a fireplace to roast marshmallows in.  This project is on Splitcoaststampers and is listed in their tutorial as a one sheet bag.  It's very quick and easy to do and is another project that I'm making for my kids for Christmas to put at the table on each place setting for Christmas breakfast.  Check back after Christmas for my Christmas morning posts.  Thanks for looking...


8th Day of Christmas

The 8th Day of Christmas directive was to create a pearl themed project.  I made the pink box with the little flowers on the top for my SS's daugher and the black/pink and white box was for my SS.  These are bonnet boxes that I scraplifted from a Stampin Up blog and couldn't find the tutorial anywhere so I created my own.  Again, I used my trusty Cricut to cut out the circles and made the sides very easily.  I have all the dimensions and the directions on a template so that I could do them again.  If you'd like the directions just leave a comment.  You may remember seeing these in a previous post but I wanted to put the days all together so, I'm sorry if it's redundant but I like to be thorough.  Again, thanks for looking. 

7th Day of Christmas

The 7th Day of Christmas directive was to make 2 projects that were blue/green.  So for her daughter I made a notepad holder with a coloring pad and 2 boxes of crayons.  For my SS I made a notepad holder with and ink pen.  I didn't get a chance to photograph the notepad holder for my SS so I took the picture off the MB that she posted.  The inside had a notepad and pen attached.  This was very quick and easy to make, if you'd like the directions just leave me a comment.  Thanks for looking.

6th Day of Christmas

I've posted these before but wanted to post all the days together.  The 6th Day of Christmas directive called for 3 oval gift tags.  Again, I stuck with the traditional Christmas colors and embossed Merry Christmas in green in the center.  I stamped the green leaves at the bottom and made the flowers by hand and attached them for a little flair.  I loved these and didn't really want to part with them.  I've handmade all of my tags for the kids Christmas gifts this year and will post pics of those later on.  For her daughter I sent a tag making kit.  Didn't get to photograph that one either.  As always, thanks for looking...


5th Day of Christmas

The 5th Day of Christmas directive was to make a jewel toned banner.  However, my SS asked me to make an Advent Calendar in traditional Christmas colors.  To try to stick as close to the directive as possible I made an Advent Calendar/Banner.  I made 25 small boxes and some of them had Merry Christmas letters on the front and others had the starlight mint candy on the front.  I filled half of them with goodies for her sweet daughter and left the other half for her to fill.  I also made a banner using colors that she stated were in her daughters' room.  I loved the Advent Calendar/Banner so much that I'm making one for my family.  Will post pictures when done because I've added a little twist to the traditional "Advent Calendar".   Hope you like it and keep coming back to see more pictures.  Thanks for looking.
This is what it looks like all set up. 

4th Day of Christmas

The 4th Day of Christmas directive was to make something with feathers.  I made feather Christmas Trees and feather hair bow.  The trees were meant to be decorations for my Secret Sister's house and the hair bows were for her daughter.  I loved doing this for them.  At first I was stumped.  Came up with several ideas and then canned them.  I'm not really a feather person so I had to think outside of the box and was pleasantly surprised by the finished projects.  Hope you like them as well.  Thanks for looking.

3rd Day of Christmas

The 3rd day of Christmas was a really fun one for me.  The directive was to make something French.  Being from New Orleans I knew that I wanted to make something that had a cute French saying on it.  For my SS I made a sign that translated from French to English says "Be Calm and Craft On".  For her daughter I labeled a lollipop with a cute label and some ribbon.  The label translated from French to English says "Enjoy!".  She loved it!  I loved making it for her.  Thanks for looking ...


2nd Day of Christmas

The 2nd Day of Christmas directive was to make something love related. I made heart shaped journaling notes.  They turned out much better than I expected. 

Each page was a little different.  I made 2 different "booklets", my SS got the one with Love on the cover and her sweet little girl got the one with Maggie on the cover.  These were so fun to make.  Hope you enjoyed looking.

1st Day of Christmas

The 1st Day of Christmas directive was something fruity.  I made cherry note cards with a note card box.  I loved doing this project.  It turned out so darn cute.  I am in the process of making several projects for my girls that are similar but suited to each of their personalities.  Will be back to post more pictures later in the month.  Thanks for looking.