Thursday, December 13, 2012

5th Day of Christmas

The 5th Day of Christmas directive was to make a jewel toned banner.  However, my SS asked me to make an Advent Calendar in traditional Christmas colors.  To try to stick as close to the directive as possible I made an Advent Calendar/Banner.  I made 25 small boxes and some of them had Merry Christmas letters on the front and others had the starlight mint candy on the front.  I filled half of them with goodies for her sweet daughter and left the other half for her to fill.  I also made a banner using colors that she stated were in her daughters' room.  I loved the Advent Calendar/Banner so much that I'm making one for my family.  Will post pictures when done because I've added a little twist to the traditional "Advent Calendar".   Hope you like it and keep coming back to see more pictures.  Thanks for looking.
This is what it looks like all set up. 

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