Saturday, January 11, 2014

Blogger Nightmare ~ Accidentally Deleted Post

I just had the most stressful moment probably for any blogger...I accidentally deleted the Thursday Tutorial from my blog.  Uuuggghhh!!!! I Googled how to get it back and it worked.  So here is my info for you on how to get back a post that you've accidentally deleted.  First don't leave the page where your posts are listed a new tab and google search the name of the specific post that you're looking for include in the search bar your blog name:

This is how the search will look:

Cajun Girl Creations Thursday Tutorial Paper Mugs

if a result comes up you will have a shot at getting it back.  Click on the down arrow right next to the result you get from the search.  When you click on that arrow you should see a couple of options.  The first one should be cached.  Click on cached and it will open a new tab with the cached page.  Copy and paste the info from that cached post into a new post. If there were pics you will probably have to reinsert them. HTH

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