Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Breast Cancer Awareness

As some of you may have already caught on...Earlier this year I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  It doesn't run in my family and I was in a very low risk category as I had nursed all 6 of my children.  However, I did not know that if you have fibrous tissue in your breast after the age of 40 that your risk of breast cancer significantly increases.

My brother was diagnosed with colorectal cancer earlier this year and I was in New Orleans visiting so that I could be there for his surgery.  His surgery was on Tuesday and I stayed till Thursday.  I woke up on Friday morning to my grandson jumping on my bed.  He accidentally grazed my right breast.  It didn't really hurt just shocked me and I flinched and winced.  On Sunday morning I woke up to find my breast swollen, tender and red.  Still it didn't really hurt.  So I figured that it was no big deal and would call my GYN on Monday. 

On Monday it was much worse and I put a call in to the GYN.  He was booked for the day so I made an appointment for Tuesday.  He checked me sent me for an Ultrasound and said that I had a broken blood vessel and significant bruising, that my body would absorb the blood and I would be fine. During the ultrasound I saw what appeared to be several more lumps in my right breast.  After I left the doctor's office, I call my husband.  I was very concerned about the other lumps that showed up in the ultrasound.  He asked me if the doctor had checked my other breast as well...he hadn't.  When I got home I gave myself a Self Breast Exam and found that I had several more lumps in my left breast as well.

I call the doctor immediately and tried to get back in the same day but he was all booked up so I had to go in on Wednesday.  After another ultrasound I was reassured that everything was fine and I would get my results by lunch on Friday.  On Friday at lunch still hadn't heard from the doctor's office so I called and they were gone for the day.  Long story short, I got the call on the following Wednesday that my lumps were suspicious and the doctor wanted to send me to a surgeon for a biopsy.  That night I didn't sleep and I did a lot of research.

The following Wednesday I went for a mammogram.  I had had one about 18 months before this happened and my doctor told me that everything looked fine even though my breasts were both filled with fibrous tissue.  The  following Monday I went to see the surgeon we scheduled my biopsy for Thursday.  He would have the preliminary results of the biopsy/excision on Friday.  It was the longest night of my life.  I remember going to Starbucks with my mom and my sister in law and telling them that I knew I was going to be fine but in the back of my mind I already knew.  When we saw the doctor the next day it took forever for us to get called back.  The nurses wouldn't look at me and that just confirmed my suspicion that it was bad news. 

We got so much information at that visit that I was on information overload and was crying and exhausted by the time we left the office.  Days later I made arrangements to see the doctor again so that I could get more clear information.  I made appointments to have second opinions and then made a trip to FL to see some doctors there that would give me my second opinions.  All of the doctors were on the same page.  I had breast cancer and would need more surgery and possibly chemotherapy.  It's been a long road.  I've had a double mastectomy and I'm now halfway through my chemotherapy.  Tomorrow I have my 5th treatment out of 8.  I'm so happy that I'm halfway through.  My husband has been my rock and my comforter.  Without God and my husband I don't think I would be where I am today.  I've had so many blessings on this journey and so much to be grateful for. 

The reason I posted this is to remind all of you ladies out there to have regular mammograms and do monthly Self Breast Exams.  If you notice anything suspicious see you doctor immediately.  I had noticed for the past several months that my left breast was itchy.  It's a symptom.  The summer before I has some slight leakage (also a symptom).  I had no idea.  I was so complacent about having nursed my kids and to my knowledge no one in my family had ever had breast cancer.  As a matter of fact, out of my extremely large family the only ones that have ever been diagnosed with any cancer was my maternal grandmother, my brother and I.

Hope you all have a wonderful day.  Thanks for stopping by



  1. Becky you are an inspiration to all of us. The braveness you have shown and the positive outlook I am sure hasn't always been easy, but you always seem to smile through your posts. You are truly loved and adored by so many loved ones and friends. Keep your head up and smiling. May God richly bless you. Love Wendy Niles

    1. Wendy~ You always make tears come to my eyes. I love you, my friend. Thank you so much for always keeping me in your prayers and sending such kind and encouraging words to me. It means so much to me that you think so highly of me. I really appreciate and love you more than words can say!

  2. I'm so glad that you got on top of this and are doing well. How is your brother doing with his colorrectal cancer? My husband was just diagnosed too and had his surgery and now going through chemo. He just had his first round. His tumor ruptured and spilled cancer cells into his abdomen so he isn't curable but treatable. I tell you it is scary at how quickly this hits home and changes your life. I was on information overload too, still am. I pray that you continue to do well and so happy that you caught this in time! DH has 11 more treatments to go and I will be glad when we get to the 1/2 mark. Hugs to you-Brenda.

    1. Dear Brenda~ Thanks for the kind encouraging words. I will pray for your husband. I'm always so sad when I hear that someone else is going through it too! I'm so sorry to hear about you husband. It's so overwhelming at times but I know that God will get us through it. My life is and always will be in God's hands. My brother has already had 30 radiation treatments and was taking oral chemo and is now having chemo infusions. He had his first of 8 last week. He's doing well. He's a real fighter. Hasn't stopped working through the whole ordeal but I really believe that working is getting him though it. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me. It has helped me tremendously to have people that I can lean on for prayers and uplifting regularly. Prayers on the way and hugs to you. ~Rebecca