Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Snowflake Christmas Cards

More snowflake Christmas cards for this year.  I hope you are enjoying all the cards that I've been creating. I've loved making them and can't wait to send them out to family and friends.  I usually mail out really late...about a week and a half before Christmas.  This year I will be able to have them done and in the mail before the beginning of December.  I'm so pleased with myself.  I'm having a great time making these and I love sharing.  :)


  1. They are so pretty!!! Love that ribbon, too!!! Good for you to have them done, I'm pretty sure mine won't be!!! LOL!!!

  2. LOL...Teri~ I think I've made so many that now I'll have a start on next year too! Thanks for stopping by! Hugs to you!!